Natural Head Lice and Nit Removal Cream

In: Grahams Blog On: Thursday, January 5, 2017

No Nitz - Removing Head Lice Naturally!


Headlice or nitz as we like to call them can be embarrassing for any child or adult to have to deal with. We saw on the market many years ago that there was numerous chemical products that were actually sometimes more damaging on some people with sensitive skin. That is why we decided to develop and formulate our natural head lice treatment. No Nitz was formulated and we have had great results ever since!


No Nitz Headlice Removal Treatment


How does it work? 


It works by suffocating the head lice with powerful a combination of herbal ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, lemon oil & eucalyptus oil. Even with all these powerful ingredients, you will still have to comb out and remove of all the headlice and eggs, as they won’t fall out. This will work to kill off the headlice, however, you must REMOVE the eggs. If the eggs are not removed they will grow and spread rapidly.


What should I look for? 


Headlice in hair


In the above picture you can see the headlice along the strands of hair. They are a small bug in a white/brownish colour. Quite easy to spot!


How to remove the lice? 


Headlice in hair


As shown in the image above, simply pull the hair firmly and begin to locate and remove all of the headlice and eggs!


Our Top Tips For Headlice Removal! 


1. Use a metal comb!

2. Check every day!

3. Wash beds/pillows/hats & shirts!