What Causes Discoid Eczema? & Common Remedies

In: Grahams Blog On: Monday, December 12, 2016

What Causes Discoid Eczema? & Common Remedies


Discoid eczema is a particular type of eczema that can cause certain oval shaped red patches to appear on various parts of your skin. These red patches are typically sensitive to touch, and they may be really itchy. They may be dry and rusty as well. Though these oval patches can appear most anywhere on the body, they relatively rarely show up on the scalp.

Nobody really knows what causes discoid eczema, but there’s a consensus that people with dry skin have an increased tendency to be plagued by this disease. The dryness of the skin indicated that the skin itself can’t really handle and repel irritators from the outside, and they may very well damage the outer lining of the skin. So, these outside irritators that come in the form of chemical fragrances embedded in the structures of the soaps that you use, can really cause discoid eczema some of the time.

Also, discoid eczema can be caused by a minor skin injury. You may develop discoid eczema not long after an insect bite, for example. Or you may see that your skin is affected by discoid eczema after a burn. Even some medication may cause this condition, for example interferon and ribavirin, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) blockers, or even statins, used in the reduction of cholesterol.

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So how do you deal with this condition? Luckily, treatment is available, and you can implement it immediately. For example, we have mentioned that certain chemicals can cause discoid eczema. What you need to do is to remove all of the potentially harmful chemicals in your life, perhaps by removing the abrasive soaps that you use and get milder ones, or by replacing the cleaning chemicals that you use to clean your home. We develop a range of all natural products that people can use to help with this!

You can even regulate your diet in order to remove some potential allergens and protect your skin from their influence.

If you want the old school medical approach though, you will need to see a doctor. He or she’ll recommend to you some medicine which you can use in order to remedy the situation. Some of these remedies include emollients, which are moisturizers used to moisten your skin and decrease the level of its dryness. Also, the doctor may prescribe topical corticosteroids which are ointments and creams which you can directly apply to the affected skin in order to alleviate the severe symptoms. And in some cases, you may even be prescribed antihistamines. These are powerful medications that will alleviate the itchiness of the affected skin, and help you sleep better at night. We do not suggest using chemical based products as they will have negative side-effects!

Also, if there’s an infection on your skin (See photo below), then you may need to take antibiotics, prescribed by your doctor. There have been some cases when discoid eczema has all but vanished from a person’s body when he started taking antibiotics, only to reappear once again once the same person stopped taking the antibiotics.

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It’s really important for you to contact your doctor as soon as you see that there’s something wrong with your skin though. Web articles such as this one may help in the exact pinpoint of a skin condition, but they are no replacement for a real doctor’s advice. What you think is a benign case of discoid eczema may prove to be something a bit more serious, and the sooner you as for a doctor’s advice, the sooner you’ll be able to start battling the disease with medications and lifestyle changes, as per your doctor’s advice.

We hope that you’ll find some use of this article and implement some of the remedies that we have proposed. Chances are that one of these remedies will really hit the mark, and help you alleviate the skin condition of discoid eczema altogether.