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Grahams Natural Alternatives offer relief for eczema, psoriasis and skin conditions worldwide. Here are some comments from eczema and psoriasis sufferers like you:
Dearest Geoff,
My daughter Skyelaih (8months old) was unfortunately blessed with sensitive skin from both her mum and dad. Skyelaih suffered from bad cradle cap as well and that only stopped when she was 5 months. This then developed into eczema, so bad in fact the eczema on her forehead turned into open soars and wounds it was terrible and the only way for it to get treated and for it to heal was to use steroid cream. As you can imagine having such a young baby (and my first) and having to have to use this i wasn't very happy, i needed something to prevent the eczema flares so it wouldn't get this far .I have tried so many creams, lotions and potions on there market some working ok but then usually resulted in a re-action or a even bigger flare days later :( ......I was so disheartened every time seeing my little girl scratching at her skin till it bleed........I was at wits ends not knowing what to do next. i knew if i didnt do something soon summer was going to be so uncomfortable for her.
 My mum came to me and remember she had seen a report somewhere about a "Grahams" product, we Googled the name and found your site. I thought what they heck, whats another cream and lotion going to hurt, i have nothing to lose. I bought the Body and bath oil as recommended on your website to use with the eczema cream. Using as directed i poured the oil in and bathed my little girl. I noticed she was hardly itching not like before hand when it was just so painful seeing her get upset and scratch all over.I then applied the eczema cream (which had a scent next to nothing) which was pleasant as some other products smelt fowl!!!! I even noticed the difference in Skyelaihs reaction as some creams stung her where she had scratched and broke the skin. I persisted and noticed results with in the day.
I can now say that she hasn't had a big flare since using this product and its only been a week wooohoooo!!!!!! her skin is so much softer just like a little babies should be :) i want to send a HUGE BIG THANK YOU  to you for developing this product i have already recommended this to friends who are having the same problem with the same results of happiness as me.
 Can't thankyou enough Geoff!!!!
 STACEY (mummy) and SKYELAIH (my now very happy beautiful  girl)
Nov. 12, 2012 
I love your sunscreen! My four year old daughter has gone through 12 different sunscreens and had reactions to all of them!
Even Hamiltons infant and the Cancer Council Sunscreens. But your fabulous product is easy to put on and her skin is still smooth and protected when I bathe her at the end of the day. No rash, no scratching, no bleeding... fantastic!
Natasha D. Doreeen VIC, Australia Feb. 14 2010
Hi guys - totally love the sunscreen! Have been using and loving the shampoo and conditioner for quite a while - smells and feels fantastic and is so gentle yet effective on my hair! Have been looking and looking for a really good mineral sunscreen that doesn't make me look like Casper the ghost. (including trying several expensive 'invisible' ones to no avail) Came across your stuff in the shop - the sunscreen works, it smells natural and inoffensive, it feels great and it is PERFECTLY CLEAR!
Thanks, Rosi - Manly NSW, Australia Dec 1, 2009
Your products are awesome! I'm always telling others about what i use for my sensitive and eczema prone daughter. I am telling all who want to know about it on the website. Keep up the great work and I'm stoked you've produced a sunscreen now too. Thank you over & over!
Mrs. Vanessa F. NSW, Australia Nov. 28, 2009
Yet again we have been hit with the dreaded head lice and again I turn to the best product on the market. I am so grateful to have found a product that does actually work!
Thanks, Narelle Y. WA, Australia Dec. 5, 2009
Just a quick note to let you know that after doing the round-a-about of steroidal creams, Elecon, Dermaveen, QV, Pinetarsol, Sorbolene and anything else we could try we bought some Grahams products last month - the bath oil, Calendulis cream, soap, shampoo and conditioner - my four year old sons skin had never looked or felt better - and he is so delighted he happily slaps it on, instead of "cream up time" being a chore and something he hated!
He can't wait to have feet that look like "that little boy in the pictures" on your pamphlet! Thank you so much, we are absolutely delighted!
Cath F. Oct, 2, 2009
Hi, My dad lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and while he was over here visiting he tried your cream and said it was the best relief he has ever had for his psoriasis can you tell me if there are any stockists in Christchurch that stock your products
Thank you, Pamela R. May 26, 2009
Hi, Our daughter Sophie has been suffering with eczema on her hands for 6 months, having had it on and off since she was an infant. We bought your cream and within a week it was completely gone.
Thanks so much, Jon May 8, 2009
Hi Geoff, Thanks for the samples of the sunscreen, I was so impressed I went out and bought your Calendulis Cream and Bath Oil also. Great products! I've been using the sunscreen daily under my makeup and it's fantastic. I will never buy another sunscreen brand again!
Thanks again, Yvonne May 5, 2009
I have been using Grahams Conditioner for 3 months now and it has become my 'must have' hair product. My extremely eczema-prone scalp loves it too.
The Grahams Conditioner was recommended on a website called 'naturally curly' as being especially good for curly hair. I was also happy to discover that Grahams is an Aussie company (most of the websites recommend US products). It is awesome on curly hair!
Cheers, Anne D April 14, 2009
Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know that for the first time in I don't know how many years of breaking out in a rash after 2 days of using supposedly 'sensitive skin' sunscreens, I did not break out in a rash after using your product. We have a 2 week annual beach holiday and I used your sunscreen every day (mostly twice each day) and not an itch anywhere! Thank you for such a great product - I now know that I can have a more relaxing holiday each year.
Kind Regards, Diane C Australia March 25, 2009
Hello Geoff, I wanted to write a few words to tell you how thrilled I am with Sunclear, but what words can adequately describe how fantastic this product is.Since the bushfires we have had to be out in the sun for extended periods dealing with all that we must. I love the peace of mind since using Sunclear that I am protected from the sun without smearing myself with harmful chemicals and knowing that I will not suffer with skin irritations as I do with most other sunscreens.I tell all who will listen how brilliant your product is and even happily share my Sunclear with them so they can experience it for themselves.
All comment on the pleasant fragrance and 'feel' of Sunclear. Even my friend's young son commented that it didn't smell like girls cream and didn't feel yuk.I must also add that I was surprised at not only the effectiveness of the Sunclear but how long it remained effective. I expected that I would have to reapply continually but found that it long surpasses others I have used previously.Again Geoff, congratulations on a brilliant product.I look forward to trying some of your other products. Thank you Sincerely
Alexandra, VIC, Australia March 10, 2009
Thanks for bringing your products to Hong Kong.I was stoked to see them on the shelf at Wingon (like Myers in AU) as I recognised the packaging from Today Tonight.
Since coming to such a toxic environment with only a little eczema, it has spread rapidly and concerned me greatly. Calendulis Plus Cream has made such a huge difference and I'm grateful for the efforts to bring it to this polluted city. GOOD WORK!
Matt G. Hong Kong February 14, 2009
Dear Geoff, I ordered one SunClear about a month ago and it is such a wonderful product that next time I will order about four of them.
Emily G. USA February 15, 2009
My Husband and I have a baby who had a terrible state of eczema, she had open wounds and her head was bleeding. We were given petroleum jelly and as soon as we put it on her, her skin was dry again. We tried lots of products but she was so uncomfortable all the time, scratching and so distressed. My mother saw your products on TV in Australia and sent us a sample. Since then we haven't looked back. She is now a happy 14 month old who rarely scratches and her skin feels like silk, it's so soft. We just love your products!
Lisa W. Hong Kong Feb. 5, 2009
Hello, I have tried every "natural" sunscreen for my two young children who have eczema and this is by far the best. This sunscreen is fantastic! It works effectively, rubs in well, smells beautiful and does not dry out their skin like other brands. Thanks again for the wonderful product.
Regards, Karen, Vic Feb. 4, 2009
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